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  • Carmela
    I started to go to the pool and after a couple of weeks I felt an itching between the toes. With the time extended by the foot, and in addition had a unpleasant odor. Medical education was not necessary for understanding what is a fungus. I remembered that the previous day had seen a review on the cream tinedoland , that is why he has decided to try. Has expired is very good, the symptoms have gone by very fast, and most importantly of re-infection has not occurred, despite the fact that the water aerobics would not let me. So I advise everyone to try it tinedol!
  • Francesco
    I do not know where has been able to engage this material, but the fungus of the feet has taken me a lot of hassle. Of the feet and the footwear originated the creepy smell, despite the fact that I'm fine, I'm hygiene. Go to the doctor I am ashamed of it, so decided to do self-medication. Bought an ointment for the other. Some picked up the itching and odor, but only for a time, and some a little debilitating symptoms, and only at the time of the application. I realized that doubt is not possible after, when I realized that the skin is already covered by smaller ulcers. The doctor recommended me to cream tinedoland this is only salvation. The fungus is not returned by the third month, so that I recommend to all!
  • Maria
    The daughter arrived and camp began to complain about the itching stop. Today, we have gone to a doctor. It turned out to be a fungus. The doctor suggested the cream Tinedol and said that despite their safe composition, is very effective. A couple of times I have put the cream, and for the third time, the daughter has refused to be treated, because there is nothing to worry about, but the course, however, we are done. After a couple of weeks I have felt that the same is infected, he decided his doctor not to go, and appointed Tinedolthat also has expired to perfection!
  • Giuseppe
    I've thought for a long time the bad smell of stop – it is natural. But when the cracks started to appear and nail plate becomes thicker, I realized that it is time to consult a specialist. I was prescribed the course of special pills and cream tinedol. The result has not been made to wait a long time – now live without shame for the "smell" of the leg.
  • Rosa
    Her husband has hooked the fungus, but your doctor, of course, driving was not possible (here all the arguments of power), so I decided to search the forums, that who has helped. All highly praised Tinedolthat's why I decided to order it. I don't know how to deal with another drug, but this was removed the symptoms very quickly, and the recurrence after the end of the use of the cream her husband had not. So I recommend to all!
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